Thank you for clicking on this thread! Long time lurker here, but first time poster. Post could be a little long (sorry) but I feel the need to be as transparent as possible as I am in need of genuine advise/help! Got an update fr Google 2 days ago, I did not make the cut for the final round of F2F interviews (Product Manager role). Exact feedback fr recruiter: “While our interviewer feedback is confidential, I can let you know that our interviewer thought you had strong analytical insights, but wanted to see more in terms of your product design and strategic thinking.”

The interviewer was a PM 8 years at Google, 4 yrs in YouTube – I got caught out in the mostly YT related questions despite preparing on all different areas of PM and reading /practicing answers for PM Q&A related books and blogs.

Gutted, nevertheless, handled it much better as this is the 2nd time failing – 7 months ago had interviewed for another role (BSA) and reached the final campus round at Mountain View only to be depressed for a few months in a row after the negative news. (with no feedback at all as compared to this time round).

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